Monday, September 20, 2010

Sad Day

The season is over. Well another season on the road is over. It’s time to get dizzy, dirty, and delinquent on the cross bike. But not before heading to France for some fridged beautiful climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees.
I finished the season in the middle of the pack at Eugene Celebration and found a new way to enjoy races. Instead of going off the front of the pack, going to the front of the pack and lifting the tempo to a punishing oxygen deficit pace. Create pain and discomfort for all to enjoy. I did that a little at Eugene at the Crit, and the road race. Note to self explore that more next season.
I have never felt like I did at the end of the season this year. During the road race we were clipping along on the first lap and people were getting organized during the first few laps as we do. Guys going off the front, guys chatting, guys moving to the front to avoid crashes. I tend to roll to the middle to find the guys I am going to talk with for most of day. Will and I found each other, and I suppose amoung 40 guys that isn’t tough. He and I have never had a cross word. Although we have annoyed each other at times for sure. We have come to some agreement and are descent friends with common goals now. We were chatting a bit and he mentioned that this was the last road race of the year. He actually said that "It almost brings a tear to my eye." I didn’t think about it, but ya, it does. It’s sad. The season is done and I’m disappointed. Usually by this time of year I am exhausted and done. But I kind of wish I had a few more road races left. I’m left instead looking back at the year and looking forward to the next.
I finished the year with 38 races between the track, mountain bike, road, and two stage races, with 3 DNF’s, and 8 top 5’s most of which came from the track. I finished the year pretty well on the track and revisited the short track on the MTB. Both of which I will mix in next year.
I’ve set goals for next year already. I’d like to log 800 hours between October’s and take cross to nationals in Bend. That will include the spring races, Cherry Blossom, and two other stage races. I still have my eyes on Elkhorn, then probably Cascade.
Not much more to say about my season. It was kind of blah because of illness, but a success in the end. I learned a great deal about what kind of rider I am. I defined my strengths and weakness with more clarity.
I hate to admit it but I am a sprinter, the results prove that. I am not a climber. So this winter will be spent leaning down and working on climbing faster. I will race to my strengths and train to my weaknesses. I also joined a new team this year. Team Oregon has picked me up and I am dawning there kit in 2011, I'll also be logging my midpack single speed finishes for Team O.

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  1. "but have annoyed each other at times" - "At times?" Just kidding. It has been a great season and I am really looking forward to raing with you again on Team O.