Saturday, September 25, 2010

9.23.10 Fly to Amsterdam

Man what a cluster getting from Portland OR, to Annecy France. The Delta/KLM flight was a piece of cake, not stops or layovers to get extended . But I will never fly “EasyJet” they suck. My flight was delayed 3.5 hours which put me into Geneva 3.5 hours late. That meant the busses stopped running, that meant paying $250 more for a cab ride. That sucked! Not to mention having to lug this dam bike around everywhere. Mark my words. I did arrive in Annecy finally last night after midnight. When I got to the apartment Ben had left a key for me behind one of the downspouts on the building which has about 6 of them. I thought for sure at one point after looking behind 5 of them that I was going to be sleeping outside last night. But then of course there it was behind the 6th one. I stepped inside and it became clear to me that my adventure wasn’t over. This building was built in 1801 and had no elevator. What is ADA? There are some nice things about my country, not many but one of them is the requirement that buildings have a way to wheelchair foke up 3 flights, which can also be used as a way to get some skinny ass, lazy, american, and his 200 lbs of gear of 3 flights. Rather than using a narrow spiral staircase that I can barely fit up let alone a bike box. It was dark too so I could hardly see in front of my face. I set out to piece my way up to the apartment and made it up with all my gear, not before trying to, inadvertently, break into some unsuspecting old lady’s apartment. Really it’s a miracle that I am alive and here in Annecy with all my gear truly. But now that I am here it is awesome.

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