Sunday, March 7, 2010


Woke up again before the alarm with the melatonin fading from my veins. I had a much more mellow morning getting my things together, aware that I have lots of time to get my things together. I am riding solo, or so I thought today. I shot Ben a message to see if was going to join and he was in as long as he had a coffee stop.

We arrived a little later, 7:30ish and we were a little slow getting going. I had an interesting conversation with the lady that was taking our money for the race.

Me: “Do we have to sign a new waver if we cat up?”
Her: “Nope, what’s your name?”
Me: “Petross”
Her Friend: “What does it mean when you cat up?”
Me: “I went up a category, and it means that I abandoned all my friends and relationships”
Her Friend: “Mumble Mumble…”
Me: “What? You have to speak slow for cyclist. All of our blood is in our legs.”
Her: Shit eating grin, “Where did you say all your blood is?”
Me: “Wow a little early…”

It put a smile on my face for sure. But we were rolling by 8:30.

Warmed up and ready to start my first Cat 3 race. There was really nothing to report. The race was so different than in the 4’s. There really wasn’t any sitting in. The pace is much higher and there is a lot of chasing and breaking. The boys are better bike handlers. It’s is just a better group to ride with. Longer. I was able to work at the front and tried to get out on a couple of breaks. I made the final break at the bigger climb after the dam and I finished pretty. I ended up in the final group with the leaders. I was happy about the finish and that I didn’t get dropped and was never really in trouble. I felt like I was part of the race. I was happy with the day. I did one extra lap at the end.


The race this weekend: BB#1

I went for a ride with will on Saturday. My legs were wasted. I had to turn it into a recovery spin. Sunday morning came around and I was nervous for some reason. I got up before the alarm. I slept well do to the fact I had a melatonin before I went to bed. But didn't feel rested. I wondered around the house in a fog and tried to get my things together. 5am comes early. Will and I left my house about 6am in hunt for coffee. I didn't realize that we were looking for a place where Jesus himself served coffee. Man that dude is a coffee snob! I don't get it but ok dude let's wait out in the cold for 20 min and wait for the coffee shop to open. With coffee and muffin in hand we finally head toward the race. We arrived early about 7ish and they are still setting everything up. Our launch time... 9:10. I step out of the car and there is a smell in the air that I had forgotten about the odor of porta-potty's percolating in the air that is so common at these and all races. I have brewed up a lil concoction and I've got to hit the porta potty.

My plan was to stay put the whole day and not go up the road. I did and it was difficult for sure. I was able to save my legs for the finish and get a fourth place. That was enough points to put into the threes. Stoked.